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Richard Lee Primary School, Coventry. Ofsted reports that Richard Lee School is a GOOD school. Top class attendances for week ending 15.5.2015 :- RD 96.3%, RK 95.4%, 2E 98.6%, 2LP 97.9%, 1P 96%, 3B 99.3%, 3H 99.3%, 4S 96.4%, 6M 98.73%, 6T 98.6% and 5H 96.2%. Well done all the pupils in these classes!

Welcome to Richard Lee

A warm welcome to Richard Lee Primary School, with an Ofsted rating of GOOD, – a place where everyone can ‘be the best they can be’ This website aims to give you a taster of the school, and provide the latest information for parents, pupils, education professionals and the community.



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