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IMPORTANT INFORMATION: We are offering 30 hours free childcare from September 17 and have spaces available in our Nursery Class. Tel: 024 7665 8800

Supervisory Assistants

Senior Supervisory Assistant

Miss. Ashby



RC: Mrs Ashforth

RF: Mrs. Howell

RK: Miss. Norton


Year 1

1H: Mrs. Griffiths

1M: Mrs. Patel

1W: Mrs. Reynolds


Year 2

2N: Mrs. Norton

2B: Mrs. Bhardwa

2T: Mrs. Gill


Year 3

3E: Mrs. Tolin

3P: Mrs. Gray


Year 4

4H: Mrs. Grainger

4R: Mrs. Ebanks

4WE: Mrs. Gray


Year 5

5C: Mrs. Mulhearn

5D: Mrs. Aujila

5S: Mrs. Boon


Year 6

6A: Mrs. Zana

6LC: Mrs. Shaw

6T: Miss. O'Brien