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Dol-y-Moch Year 6 Residential May 2022

This is where we will add the latest pictures from each day at DYM - click the link each day to open a photo album of photos saved on our school network. I will try to get as many pictures uploaded each evening (hopefully!) before 7pm - Mr Daly (at home)


Wednesday 18th May

Final batch of photos from the trip! If I'm sent any more through, I will try and add these in the morning. Here's the link for tonight's photos: https://tinyurl.com/RLDYM22Wednesday


We have shared more photos this year than ever before (literally hundreds and hundreds more than usual!). The Richard Lee staff at DYM are obviously focused on making sure your children have the most amazing experience so can't always take photos of every activity. Additionally, it is really challenging for the staff to send every photo they've taken back home as the signal isn't as fast as we've come to expect in Coventry! 


If any staff have additional photos, we will definitely be uploading them when they return so you won't miss out. I've really enjoyed being able to share more photos than ever before with you - and I am sure you have enjoyed having these photos too. 


Last night tonight - they'll be back home in no time. 


Thanks again, 

Mr Daly

Tuesday 17th May

It sounds like the folder of all the photos was a popular idea. Here are the photos so far from Tuesday - please remember, the staff at DYM are non-stop all day so it isn't always easy for them to send their photos through early in the evening. 


Click the link: https://tinyurl.com/RLDYM22Tuesday 

19:45 UPDATE - I've added about 50 more photos since this link went live to keep checking. Any more photos that I receive this evening will be added in the morning. 


Here's a few from today (including a birthday!)





Monday 16th May 2022

20:15 - OK, think I've found a way to share all 75 photos taken today! Should be visible by clicking on this link: https://tinyurl.com/RLDYM22Monday 


Here are a few of the photos from today:











20:00 - Sorry this is late. Posted a handful of photos at 18:30 but they don't seem to have saved on the page! 


Am currently uploading dozens of photos from today in to a folder so you can see them all! 

Sunday 15th May 2022

19:00 We're all very excited to be here!


17:30 We've arrived!



15:30 Beautiful scenery already!


15:20 We've crossed in to Wales (or should that be CYMRU)! 


14:30 The journey has begun and all children are back on the coach following a quick stop off at the service station!