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Half Term Break is 21st February - 25th February 2022

Junior Leadership Team


Welcome to the Junior Leadership Team section.

Why have we created a Junior Leadership Team?

At Richard Lee Primary School, pupils’ voices are highly valued and they are given opportunities to share their opinions regarding decisions which naturally impact upon them. Many of the children at our school often provide adults with different perspectives on current issues and future improvements, and have some fantastic, innovative ideas for how to maintain a fun, safe and exciting learning environment. Meaningful opportunities to extend pupil involvement in school decision making have been put into place through the creation of a Junior Leadership Team; this is a team of 11 pupils (one from each class in Key Stage 2) who work in collaboration with Mrs Stafford (Deputy Head).


How did we create the Junior Leadership Team?

The members of the Junior Leadership Team were chosen during class elections, which reflect our British electoral system and demonstrates democracy in action. Each member of Key Stage 2 was given an opportunity to fill out an application form for their teacher, stating the reasons why they felt they would make an excellent class representative. A handful of successful applicants were then given the chance to make a persuasive speech in front of their classmates, to share their skills and reasons to be chosen. Each class teacher then organised a class election, and the successful candidates were announced during a school assembly.


What does being a member of the team involve?

The children attend regular meetings and discuss key issues and upcoming school projects. They have opportunities to update their classmates with key areas of discussion from the meetings, listen to class feedback and collect opinions to share in future meetings.


Junior Leadership Team are currently focussing on improving lunchtimes and strengthening the schools anti-bullying campaign.

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