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Welcome to Richard Lee Primary School. We hope you enjoy your visit to our school website. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact the School Office on 024 76658800.


Student learning is at the heart of everything we do at Richard Lee. Our vision is to ensure high-quality learning experiences underpin every lesson so that every child is successful. This is supported by our school motto “Be the best you can be”.


High-quality learning experiences are achieved in a supportive, co-operative environment in a number of ways and will ensure that all students will be challenged in their learning. Effective scaffolding is carefully planned for so that all students have no ceiling to their learning.


We strive to intrigue our children, so that they become passionate about learning, therefore all of our key learning foci are framed around fostering their curiosity. We do this through developing the key learning foci of: modelling; explanation; challenge; practice; questioning and feedback. We refer to these key foci as the 6Ps (the six principles of great teaching) and they help to ensure that the standard of teaching is as high as it can be.


At Richard Lee, we also focus on understanding how children learn and what teachers can do to affect that learning. We focus on both the:-


  • Science of Learning-

Understanding how children learn and using key strategies that build on this learning at different levels.

  • Art of Teaching

Recognising the power of effective teaching strategies, teacher knowledge and understanding, and positive teacher-pupil relationships that create a warm-social emotional climate.


These are critical for learning to occur and in securing high expectations for all children.


In addition, we want our children to be as prepared as they possibly can be for the changing world around them. The use of technology to enhance our teaching and learning is delivered through a blended learning approach. Equipping children with the skills and knowledge they will need for later life in an increasing technology-based, digitised world, is of vital importance to us at Richard Lee.