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Teacher Training Day: 24th January 2020. Half term break: 24th - 28th February 2020. Parents evening:18th & 19th March 2020.

Living Eggs

Day 1
Picture 1

Great excitement with the arrival of the first chick. A couple of the eggs are starting to pip out and wobble around getting ready to hatch.


Quotes from the children:


Cartell 'He pecked his way out of the egg shell into the world.'


Jacob 'The egg that is cracked, his beak is popping out.'

Day 2
Picture 1

A second egg hatched yesterday afternoon with more arriving over night. The first chick is looking very fluffy and is ready to be moved into the brooder box.


Dylan 'There are more today, we have to look after them because their mummy's are not here.'


Louie 'The chick is having a chill'


Cayden 'He's saying hello!'

Day 3
Picture 1

The chicks are now happ​y in the brooder box, we are waiting for the final few eggs to hatch. Unfortunately one chick was not as healthy as the others and has sadly not made it. During the morning the last eggs hatched, much to the delight of Mrs Hetherington. The children are fascinated by how quickly the chicks are growing and continue to ask lots of questions.


Finley 'They have grown up and are getting older and when they are much older they will be hens.'


Cartell 'They seem to be doing ok today don't they, good food and friends help.'


Louie 'I would like to hold it because I'm warm, I could keep the chick warm.'


Dexter ' The chick is resting because it's a baby.'

Day 7
Picture 1

Mrs Harteveld looked after the chicks over the weekend and brought them back safely to school. We can't believe how much they have changed! The feathers on their wings are starting to grow and they a seem to enjoy flapping their wings now. 


Hannah 'They've grown, WOW!'


Cole 'The chicks are trying to fly'


Kye 'I like these chicks because they are cute'

Day 9
Picture 1

The chicks are growing fast! The reception children have been busying writing invitations for their families to come and have a look at the chicks. 


Dexter's Dad 'I think it's a great idea because it's helping the children to learn about the life cycle of animals.'


Alfie's Mum I love them, they're really cute and I love things that are cute and fluffy.'


Charlotte 'They've got really big, they've grown really quickly. I need to take a photo for Nanny  because she hasn't seen them.'


Kaelan's Mum 'They're really lovely Kaelan, you've talked about them so much.'