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Half term holidays are Friday 22nd October - Friday 29th October. School will be closed to pupils during this time.

Lunchtime Leaders



RC: Miss. Norton

RMH: Mrs. Bhardwa



Year 1

1DN: Mrs. Patel

1F: Mrs Adamowicz


Year 2

2A: Mrs Patel

2W: Mrs Reynolds


Year 3

3H: Mrs White

3M: Mrs Bradshaw 


Year 4

4C: Mrs Nutt 

4B: Mrs Zana


Year 5

5DP: Mrs Copeland 

5CS: Mrs Lewis

5S: Griffiths


Year 6

6D: Miss Grey

6R: Miss Frost 



Mrs Rachael-Rowsten


Dining Room Assistants

Mrs Copeland

Mrs Bradshaw


Senior Lunchtime Supervisor

Miss Ashforth