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Promoting Positive Behaviour

At Richard Lee we aim to create a caring and nurturing atmosphere in which teaching and learning can take place and we recognise that this can only happen when children feel safe, happy, valued and cared for. In order to achieve this, we strongly believe in promoting positive behaviour and celebrating achievements as much as possible ensuring that we all have high expectations and a clear understanding about what is inappropriate and not acceptable. Our whole school community plays a part in ensuring that we can achieve these aims. Collectively, our children, parents, teachers, support staff, lunchtime leaders and governors must all contribute to the focus upon creating a positive learning climate through promoting our school values, our ‘golden rules’ and ensuring that we follow the strategies and systems detailed in this policy.


It is our practice to encourage strong and positive relationships between all members of our school community so that we can all work together with the common purpose of helping everyone to learn and grow. We all have a strong desire to ‘be the best that we can be’ no matter what our role within the school community. At Richard Lee, we expect everyone to behave in a considerate and respectful way towards others, to follow our ‘golden rules’ and to always be mindful of our school values.


Even when things go wrong and when consequences are required to address inappropriate behaviour choices, we consistently approach things with respect and care. We ensure that children are able to understand their behaviours, accept their mistakes and communicate effectively where things went wrong. We engage our children in discussion and ensure that they are happy with the outcomes, it is important that every child involved feels that the situation has been dealt with fairly.


 Our children deserve to develop a strong sense of self-worth, as staff we have a huge desire for them to go out into the world as confident, independent and successful individuals who demonstrate positive personal behaviours and skills which will assist them in securing their futures. The rewards, the consequences, the systems and the approaches we use every day at Richard Lee will heavily influence and shape the way a child feels day in and day out and will undoubtedly impact on who they become as a person. Therefore we have to get this right!


You can read our full Promoting Positive Behaviour policy here: