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Teacher Training Day: 24th January 2020. Half term break: 24th - 28th February 2020. Parents evening:18th & 19th March 2020.


Olympic Gymnast

On Friday February 10th, Dominic Cunningham came to visit the school. Dominic has represented Great Britain in many gymnastic competitions and is training ready for the Olympics in 2020. He led the children across the school in circuit training and wowed everyone with his gymnastic abilities. The children had an amazing day taking part in a day of sport. 

New Arrivals...

We have had some visitors arrive in Reception. The children are all very excited as the chicks have started pipping today- this means that they are using their egg tooth to crack and break through the shell. 
Picture 1

Summer 1

The children in Reception have started the new term with some fantastic learning. 
Picture 1 Concentrating on our writing.
Picture 2 Super writing.
Picture 3 Helping each other learn.
Picture 4 One more than a number!
Picture 5 Playing games really helps us learn.
Picture 6 Enjoying the lovely weather.
Picture 7 Super concentration.
Picture 8 Ordering numbers.

 Autumn 1 

Our new classroom. 

We are really enjoying our new classrooms. We have different learning zones where we can explore writing, reading, art, maths, music, construction and much more. 

Picture 1 Learning how to pour water.
Picture 2 Carefully does it!
Picture 3 Accurate pouring and measuring.
Picture 4 Great fun!
Picture 5 What super concentrtaion.
Picture 6 All ready to learn.

Autumn Two

Moving in. 

Our new classrooms are perfect for all our learning. We know where everything is and how to use it now. 
Picture 1 Writing area
Picture 2 maths
Picture 3 So neat and tidy!
Picture 4 How do I look?
Picture 1 learning together, having fun.
Picture 2 Helping our friends learn.

Spring 1 2016

Picture 1 Sorting words and pictures.
Picture 2 Playing with the pirate masks.
Picture 3 Using the construction kits
Picture 4 Tidying up.

Spring 2 2016

Reading and writing

Picture 1 We have been learning our sounds....
Picture 2 we are getting really good at them all!
Picture 3 We can sound out lots of words.
Picture 4 We are having a great time learning.


Picture 1 Super counting!
Picture 2 Learning to use numbers.
Picture 3 Thinking carefully...
Picture 1 Concentrating really hard!


Summer 1 - The chicks have hatched!

Summer 1 - The chicks have hatched! 1
Summer 1 - The chicks have hatched! 2
Summer 1 - The chicks have hatched! 3
Summer 1 - The chicks have hatched! 4
Summer 1 - The chicks have hatched! 5
Summer 1 - The chicks have hatched! 6
Summer 1 - The chicks have hatched! 7