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Reception areas of learning

Children in Reception are working towards the Early Learning Goals in the 16 areas of development.

Some children in Reception will be working towards these goals, some will achieve these goals and others may exceed these goals by the end of the academic year.

Parents can read the Early Learning Goals for the 16 areas by clicking on the document link below.

Wednesday 16th February 2022

To Reception,

Good morning! smiley

We are so sorry that we cannot see you in school today. Hopefully we will be back in our classroom tomorrow with our lights on and our water running! Please try your very best with your phonics, maths and writing at home - you can bring your learning into school to show your adults when we are back and/or your grown-ups at home can send pictures and videos to our email address reception@richardlee.coventry.sch.uk.

Take care.

From, Miss Cawley & Mrs McCarthy


Join in with Mrs McCarthy leading learning on the second set of 5 'red' words.


We are following White Rose maths. This week we have been beginning to learn about longer/taller and shorter, to measure the length of items using non-standard measures (like cubes or paper clips) and comparing items by length. Here you can join in and learn along with Miss Cooper as she talks to you about comparing length.

WRM - 11 Taller and shorter

WRM - 12 Longer and shorter

If you do not have a dice or cubes at home you could write the numbers 1-6 on pieces of folded paper and pick one out, use anything you have at home to build your towers (lego blocks, tins, stock cubes).