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Remote Learning


Logging in to Firefly

All children in school (from Nursery onwards) should have brought home a letter explaining how to log in to Firefly. This letter also included their individual username and password. A copy of that letter can be found below. If you need a password reminder, please email your child's year group email address. 


Some Common Issues

We understand that the passwords are incredibly complicated. Unfortunately, these are the passwords which Firefly automatically generates. We have listed some of the common issues below. 


  • 0 or O and l or I or even | The narrower circle is generally a zero whilst the other is a capital O. A lower case l (as in lion) looks the same as a capital I (as in India) so you may wish to try with both. Additionally, some people have the punctuation symbol that (apparently) is called a 'pipe' or a 'vertical bar'. On an old-fashioned keyboard, this symbol is above the slash to the left of z. 
  • 'Logging in for the first time?' You DO NOT need to click this - we've already done it. Just follow the instructions on the letter which do not require you to click this. If you have clicked it by accident, you should still be able to log in by starting the process again.
  • Firefly for Students app Please make sure you have downloaded the 'Firefly for Students' app. You will need at least iOS10 for this if using an iPhone. You can still access through the website if you can't download the app. 
  • 'Access Denied' Some people are getting this message when trying to log in on the website. If this happens, close your web browser and try again. If you are still having issues, please contact your child's class teacher by email. 
  • Multiple Siblings Unfortunately, if you have multiple children at school, you will have to log in and out if they are sharing one device.

Using Firefly on your mobile device

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