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New Classes for September 2020


Letters have been posted out to all parents with details of your child's new class teacher for next year. Children in Years 1 to 5 are staying in the same class groups - their new teachers are listed below.

Children in Reception have been mixed to create two new Year 1 classes - please see the letter sent in the post.

Current Class and Teacher New Class and Teacher
1F - Miss Foric 2W - Miss Wiseman
1M - Mrs Mulcahy 2A - Miss Anderson
2DW - Mrs Darnley/Watson-Nash 3C - Mrs Chapaneri
2W - Miss Wiseman 3H - Miss Hill
3B - Miss Barskyj 4B - Miss Barskyj
3E - Miss Edmonds 4P - Mrs Pilling
3H - Miss Hill 4N - Mrs Newbold
4C - Mrs Chapaneri 5E - Miss Edmonds
4P - Mrs Pilling 5S - Miss Suliman
5A - Miss Anderson 6D - Mr Daly
5R - Miss Roberts 6R - Miss Roberts