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Who's Who

Meet the Staff at Richard Lee Primary School


HeadteacherMrs Stafford
Assistant Headteacher (KS2)Mr Daly 
Assistant Headteacher (KS1 and EYFS)Mrs Darnley
SENCOMrs Harteveld
Year 6 TeacherMiss Roberts
Year 6 TeacherMrs Edmonds
Year 5 TeacherMiss Sulliman
Year 5 TeacherMrs Cash
Year 5 TeacherMr Strang
Year 5 TeacherMr Daly/Mrs Pilling
Year 4 TeacherMiss Chapaneri
Year 4 TeacherMiss Barskyj
Year 3 TeacherMrs Hill
Year 3 Teacher Mrs Mulcahy
Year 2 Teacher Miss Anderson
Year 2 TeacherMiss Wiseman
Year 1 TeacherMiss Bartczak
Year 1 TeacherMiss Foric
Reception TeacherMiss Cawley
Reception TeacherMrs McCarthy
Reception TeacherMr Leonard
Nursery TeacherMiss Boulton
Willows Nursery LeaderMrs Anderson
HLTAMrs Joyce
HLTAMrs Hetherington
HLTAMrs Bednell
Teaching AssistantMiss Lidster 
Teaching AssistantMrs Mumford
Teaching AssistantMrs Selcuk
Teaching AssistantMiss Bolton
Teaching Assistant

Mrs O’Shea

Teaching AssistantMrs Seeley
Teaching AssistantMrs Ashforth 
Teaching AssistantMiss Ashby
Teaching AssistantMrs Duncan
Teaching AssistantMiss Davies
Teaching AssistantMrs Dale
Teaching AssistantMrs Stokes
Teaching AssistantMrs Woodbridge
Teaching Assistant Miss Uddin
Apprentice Early Years Teaching AssistantMiss Rafiq
Family Support WorkerMrs Dhadda
Learning MentorMrs Joyce
Office and Resources ManagerMiss Stone
Finance and Admin AssistantMrs Sharman 
Reception and Admin AssistantMiss Holroyd
Site Services OfficerMr Jones