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Year 2

Y2 Curriculum Overview

Autumn 1 Street Detectives



In geography we will find out about our local area, completing fieldwork to answer questions and discussing our findings. We will compare and contrast our locality with that of the island of Tobago. In science we will learn what humans and animals need to survive and about keeping healthy. We will think about the importance of food and exercise. Our DT work will be based on food technology and we will design and prepare a healthy meal.


Help your child

Become street detectives and explore your local community. Look out for interesting buildings and features on your route to school. Have they always been there? Why not visit a local museum to see what the local area was like in days gone by? Talk about any pets at home and what they need to survive and stay healthy. Think of fun ways to exercise together. 


Street Detectives Topic Overview Grid

Street Detectives English Overview Grid


Summer 2 Coastline


A trip to the seaside to feel the sand and the waves brings this topic to life. In geography we will learn about the features of the coast and use maps and keys to find out more about coastal places. In history we will find out about the bravery of Grace Darling and the voyages of Captain Cook. His voyages and those of other sailors will help us to learn about the continents and oceans. Finally, in art we will explore how to paint waves and seascapes.   


Help your child

Find out about animals that live in the sea, and other coastal habitats like rockpools. Use tales of pirates and buried treasure to explore maps and even make your own. Read stories about the seaside together and perhaps visit the seaside too or discuss photos and memories of previous trips. 

Coastline English Overview Grid