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Year 3

Y3 Curriculum Overview

Autumn 1 Predator!


In science we will find out all about the human skeleton and animals with skeletons too. Why do we have a skeleton? What job does it do? We will find out more about the nutrition humans and animals need to stay healthy too. In art we will sketch magnificent birds of prey, explore painting on fabric and use paste-resist to create patterns and then pictures of tropical birds. Finally, we will make a predator shadow puppet and work scientifically to explore how shadows change shape.


Help your child 

Predators can be found in deserts, jungles, oceans or even in your own back garden! Why not go for a walk and see which animals and plants you can identify? You could visit a zoo or safari park, thinking about which animals are predators and which animals might be their prey. Alternatively, put bird food in the garden to see if you can attract any visitors. You could think about the food humans eat and plan and prepare a healthy meal together.

Predator! Topic Overview Grid

Predator! English Overview Grid

Summer 2 Gods and Mortals 


In history we will learn about the Ancient Greek civilisation. We will find out how their ideas, stories and culture have had an influence on our lives today and present our findings digitally. In art we will look at techniques for sketching people and use sculpture to create a Greek vase. In science we will look closely at flowering plants and how seeds are dispersed. Finally, we will work scientifically to find out about the conditions plants need to survive.  


Help your child

Take care of plants at home and perhaps plant some seeds and watch them grow. Visit a museum and look for Ancient Greek artefacts such as vases and armour. Think about some of the Ancient Greek myths and design your own mythical creature. Will your creature have any special powers? Observe the buildings around you when you are out and about, particularly looking out for columns and pillars. Can you spot any buildings influenced by Ancient Greek architecture? 

Gods and Mortals English Overview Grid