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February half term break is 24th - 28th February 2020

Year 4

Year 4 Sea Life Centre trip! 8.12.17

Year 4 had a wonderful time at the Sea Life Centre in Birmingham!  We had a tiring but fun day, and discovered lots of new things!


Potions topic began with a bang in year 4 with a visit from Jupiter Jack from Mad Science. We all had a wonderful day, making wands and creating some of our own spells to cast and potions to pour. Our gaggle of wizards, witches and scientists looked brilliant and had lots of fun!

Autumn 1 2017

The children will be finding out what different potions can be - will they be a poison, a mixture, an aromatic brew, a vapour, a liquid or a sticky goo? They will be entering an amazing magical world of potions and their properties.

They will think and work like scientists - but they need to beware! There are some powerful and deadly potions out there - dangerous, unpredictable or plain tragic (just ask Romeo and Juliet!)


Spring 1 - Road Trip USA!

Google Expeditions!



Today, Google Expeditions came into school to show off their new education app 'Expedition.' By using virtual reality technology, pupils were transported to various places around the world including underwater reefs, the Galápagos Islands, and even some volcanoes. All of this through a simple free app from the App Store and the play Store. Year four had a fantastic time visiting famous American landmarks, such as the Grand Canyon and the Golden Gate Bridge! We even had time for a quick float in space before arriving safely back in the classroom!






Autumn 2 - Blue Abyss

Children in Need

On Friday, the whole school took part in a special assembly. The children and staff dressed up in spotty clothes to raise money for Children in Need. 

The children also thought about what it means to be a great friend. They each wrote a message of friendship which were all linked together to form a whole school paper chain. 

Picture 1 Paper chains.
Picture 2 Children in Need assembly.
Picture 3 Thinking about being a great friend.

Sea Life Centre

Year Four all went to the Sea-Life Centre on Wednesday November 9th. They learnt about life under the Oceans, different habitats of animals that live near or under the water as well as discovering new plants and fish. 

Picture 1 Under the water...
Picture 2 At the Sea-life Centre
Picture 3 Turtles.
Picture 1 Excellent concentration in maths.
Picture 2 Really proud of all our hard work.

Autumn 1 2016


Year Four started their new Imaginative Learning Project by coming into school dressed as witches, wizards and scientists. They all looked fantastic. The teachers dressed up too, ready to engage the children in their new learning. 

Picture 1 Year Four Started their new topic in style.
Picture 2 Dressed in costume - looking great.
Picture 3 Fantastic make up too,
The children have conjured up their own magical potions using some interesting ingredients..... They have even designed their own labels for the bottles. 
Picture 1 Dragon's breath....
Picture 2 Mermaid's tears...
Picture 3 What would you use to make a potion?

Summer 2


The whole school will be celebrating the Rio Olympics this week. They will be baking, competing in various Olympic games and sports, completing maths and English themed challenges and celebrating in style with a mini carnival. The week started off with the whole school beginning to learn a salsa dance. The children have already started their sponsored walk to raise money for a climbing wall and netball posts. 


Picture 1 Olympic maths!


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Year Four all came dressed up in different costumes to represent different decades of music. They launched their new topic with a fun day searching for sounds, designing and making musical imstruments and studying the musical art by Kadinsky. 

Tic Tac Toe Homework


I made a medieval house for my Tic Tac Toe homework.


Picture 1

I got a cardboard box and covered it with twigs to make the walls. I made the thatched roof out of an old door mat. I used bits cut off an old Christmas tree to make trees round the edge of the house. I added a hen coop and sheep pen for extra detail and straw for the flooring. 

I am really proud of all my hard work and the effort I out in to my homework. I wouldn't have been able to do it without my ace Grandad. 

Summer 1


My Tic Tac Toe homework.

I got two straws and whoever picks the longest one goes first. The cards have questions on them. You need to answer a question right to move round the board. The questions are about Roman numerals and Roman life. I made the game from an old broken one. I felt relieved when we had finished making it because it took a long time. I felt extremely proud when it was done. My friends were all asking to have a go at my new game. It was great fun making this with Mum and Dad at home. 


Picture 1 Choose the shortest straw to go first.
Picture 2 Answer the questions.
Picture 3 Red or green questions.
Picture 4 My board game.
Picture 5 Move round the board to win.

Summer 1

Imaginative learning Project - Traders and Raiders. 


Picture 1 Playing battleships to practice using coordinates.
Picture 2 Fantastic maths learning.

Spring 2

Imaginative Learning Project: I am Warrior!

This half term we are learning about Roman Britain. They will be learning about the Celts and the Roman army as part of the project.

World book Day


On Friday March 4th it was World Book Day. Year Four were visited by Dr. Who himself! The children all made an enormous effort with their costumes and looked incredible. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3


Children from years four, five and six have been rehearsing hard for a dance performance at the Albony Theatre. They adapted traditional Indian dance moves to create a routine to fit with music from the Lion King. Mrs. Prasad led the dance team and was incredibly proud of the children's attitudes, commitment and enthusiasm. 

Spring 1 - Imaginative Learning Project: Blue Abyss


Our new Imaginative Learning project for Spring 2016 is 'Blue Abyss.'  We will be learning all about life under the Seas and Oceans of the world.  We have made jellyfish models to start our new project. They look great!


Jellyfish 1 We made jellyfish.....
Jellyfish 2 We used paper plates and crepe paper.
Jellyfish 3 They look great hanging from the ceiling.
Jellyfish 4 We recorded our work on our Hot Board.


Picture 1 We love reading!
Picture 2 So focused!
Picture 3 Using the Interactive white board for our learning

Warwick University visitors.

Year Four spent today with visitors form Warwick University who came in to help the children with their learning. The children's learning was all based on the book 'Flotsam.' They sketched pictures, excavated shells from sand and investigated seaweed. They all had an amazing day spending time learning and having fun!

Autumn 2

Imaginative Learning Project: Road Trip USA!

We are jetting off to the USA to take a road trip! We will be learning all about Native American history and reading Native American stories by Paul Goble.

Picture 1 The children made their own Totem Poles.
Picture 2 The teachers changed the hall into an airport.
Picture 3 They learnt all about the USA.

Autumn 1

Imaginative Learning Project: Potions

During this learning project the children will be learning about how potions have been used through history. They will be carrying out scientific experiments and make potions of their own!

The children in year four made potion bottles using clay. They even  designed their own bottles. Aren't they great!
Picture 1 So proud of the clay pot I made!
Picture 2 Making potions.
Picture 3 This looks disgusting!


Year 4 Photo Gallery

Learning Experiences 2014 - 2015

We have been busy making potions of our own!

We have been busy making potions of our own! 1
We have been busy making potions of our own! 2
We have been busy making potions of our own! 3
We have been busy making potions of our own! 4
We have been busy making potions of our own! 5
We have been busy making potions of our own! 6
We have been busy making potions of our own! 7 What's lurking in the potion bottles?
We have been busy making potions of our own! 8 We made our own dream jars - like the BFG
We have been busy making potions of our own! 9 Our super project books!

All aboard for the USA!

All aboard for the USA! 1
All aboard for the USA! 2
All aboard for the USA! 3
All aboard for the USA! 4
All aboard for the USA! 5
All aboard for the USA! 6

Our Road Trip USA project books

Our Road Trip USA project books 1

We've been learning about the ocean as a habitat

We've been learning about the ocean as a habitat 1
We've been learning about the ocean as a habitat 2
We've been learning about the ocean as a habitat 3
We've been learning about the ocean as a habitat 4
We've been learning about the ocean as a habitat 5
We've been learning about the ocean as a habitat 6
Picture 1
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Amazing Homework!

Amazing Homework! 1