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Year 4

Y4 Curriculum Overview

Autumn 1 Potions


In science we will learn about the different states of matter – solids, liquids and gases. We will sort and group materials according to whether they are solids, liquids or gases and work scientifically to explore changes of state when some materials are heated or cooled. In art we will learn how to sketch 3D shapes and sculpt clay to form bottles and pots.


Help your child

Why not hunt around the house to track down a variety of items and sort them into solids, liquids and gases? Notice changes of state happening around you such as water freezing and an ice lolly or chocolate melting in the sun. Alternatively, you could try baking something new together, thinking about how the ingredients change when you mix and cook them.

Potions English Overview Grid

Summer 2 Misty Mountain, Winding River 


Find out about the highest places on Planet Earth and then follow a river on its journey from the source to the sea. In geography we will learn how mountains and rivers are formed and learn about their features. We will find out how mountains and hills are shown on maps and use maps and atlases to find out about specific rivers and mountain ranges. In science we will learn about the water cycle and in art we will sketch using viewfinders and paint landscapes in warm and cool colours. 


Help your child 

Take a trip to a river to see part of its journey for yourselves. Notice who is using the river and why. Find out about the wildlife that lives in and around rivers. Look out for places around the home where you can see the water cycle in action e.g. condensation on a cold window or mirror. Alternatively, you could even have a go at photographing landscapes. 

Misty Mountain, Winding River English Overview Grid