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Year 5

Y5 Curriculum Overview

Autumn 1 Stargazers


In science we will find out about the solar system. We will explore the movement of Earth and the other planets relative to the Sun. We will also find out about the force of gravity, the rotation of the Earth, day and night and the movement of the Moon. In history we will learn about the contribution of Katherine Johnson and others towards space exploration. In art we will draw spheres and use vanishing points and represent the planets and solar system in pastels and chalk.  


Help your child

The possibilities are endless when you’re thinking about the vastness of space. Why not work together to make a papier mâché model of your favourite planet? You could also watch a science-fiction film or read a book to see how space is presented. Alternatively, visit the local library together to find fascinating non-fiction books about space.

Stargazers Topic Overview Grid

Stargazers English Overview Grid

Summer 2 Earth Matters 


In geography we will find out that Planet Earth is divided into climate zones covering large areas of our planet. We will focus specifically on the biome of the Amazon Rainforest - its location, features and amazing wildlife. We will use UK temperate forest to carry out fieldwork and make comparisons. In science we will look at differences in the lifecycles of mammals, insects, amphibians and birds. We will paint using watercolours and make prints inspired by rainforest leaves. 


Help your child 

Find out about endangered animals in the Amazon and what conservation efforts are being made to help them. You could research the Amazon river, its location and wildlife. Use collage or other art techniques to create a rainforest scene or creature. Alternatively, find out about other areas of the world that are also rainforest. 

Earth Matters English Overview Grid