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February half term break is 24th - 28th February 2020

Year Two

Spring 1

Towers, turrets and tunnels.

In our first half term back after Christmas, the children will be wrapping up warm for our visit to Warwick Castle where we will be able to watch archers shoot their bows and arrows, go deep down into the small, dark castle jail and also climb up into the fairy tale Princess tower to have a story-time with a real-life Princess. Another castle we shall be visiting is one a little more local; Caludon Castle. We will go equip with clipboard, pencil and paper to sketch the ruins we see before us, as well as research what it used to be like in all its grandeur. The children will look at the features of various castles around Britain comparing the similarities and differences between them.


We will be reading and innovating 'The Tunnel' by Anthony Browne who is our Year Two focus author. We will also be reading the 'Happy Poem' by James Carter who is our Year Two poet.


The children will be inspired by Paul Klee - our Year Two artist - to create a picture of a castle for their topic book covers. They will look at his very famous 'Castle and the sun' piece and use shapes to build up our own geometric design. They will also get chance to design and build their very own trebuchet!


Autumn 2

Muck, Mess and Mixture!

Our launch day will have Year Two conjuring up all kinds of adjectives as they plunge their hands into covered of containers of various materials! Some gooey, some lumpy, some soft, some cold! From their adjective work we will think of some similes to describe the mixtures we have felt, seen and smelt.


In Science we shall investigate how solid materials can be changed. Can you stretch it? Can you squash it? Can you bend it? Can you twist it? The children will experiment with all kind of materials and explore many different techniques to produce some really original pieces of art. We will try blowing paint through straws, adding paint to salt and using different objects to stamp patterns. 


We will read the book 'Pumpkin soup' and learn actions to retell the story. The children will also get chance to hear their teacher reading 'George's Marvellous Medicine' to them, before making their very own medicines! Watch out Grandmas! In English we will then write our very own set of instructions for our personal recipes. 



Autumn 1 

Street Detectives


The children will be answering questions about their local community, looking at houses old and new and finding out how our streets have changed since their Mums and Dads were young. Maybe their Grandparents went to Richard Lee or maybe they worked in one of the local shops.


They will make maps and plans of the streets around our school, planning routes. What will they see? What will they find? Can they find where they live on a map? Do they know their address?


They will find out how to write instructions, directions, adverts and learn rhymes all about their community from different times. 

Summer 2


Towers, Tunnels and Turrets


In our final half term as Year Two, the children will be looking at the features of castles around Britain comparing the similarities and differences between them. They will be visiting a real life castle, or maybe two! The children will climb the towers of Warwick Castle, walk the ramparts and watch archers shoot their bows and arrows. They will have opportunity to go deep down into the small, dark castle jail and also climb up into the fairy tale Princess tower to have a story-time with a real-life Princess.


Year Two will use the iPads to find out more about tunnels around the world, such as; the Channel Tunnel, the Tunnel of Love and the Laerdal tunnel and see what they're made from. They will be researching animals who tunnel to discover how they tunnel and why!


In English we will be innovating the traditional tale of Rapunzel. We will also be reading 'The Tunnel' by Anthony Browne (the author we focus on in Year Two) and the 'Happy Poem' by James Carter (who is our Year Two poet).


The children will be inspired by Paul Klee - our Year Two artist - to create a picture of a castle for their topic book covers. They will look at his very famous 'Castle and the sun' piece and use shapes to build up our own geometric design. Once again we are collecting junk, this time to build a castle complete will all of its features, for example; the battlements, portcullis and drawbridge.

Summer 1

The Scented Garden


On the first day of our new topic ‘Scented Garden’ all of the children planted sunflower seeds. We will watch and take care of them over the next few weeks. At the end of the topic the sunflowers will be measured and we will see whose sunflower grows the tallest. We have written step by step instructions about how to plant a seed using time conjunctions and imperative verbs. The children will learn about what plants need to grow and to do this they will take part in a science experiment with cress.


Forget a bear hunt, we’ve been on a plant hunt! We put on our wellies and went for a walk around the school grounds in search of plants. The children documented this by taking photographs on the iPads and created posters using ‘Pic Collage’ and ‘Comic Life’. In English we have written a recount of our adventure, calling upon all of our senses to make them as descriptive as possible.


Over the Easter holidays, a beanstalk grew in the Year Two corridor! We have read the story ‘Jack and the beanstalk’ and acted out parts of the story in groups. We will investigate the characters further and imagine our own version of the story.


During this half term we will also explore a wide variety of scents from flowers and herbs. We will use these plants in our ingredients to make scented salt dough. Once dry, we will make models of all things ‘Scented Garden’. What an exciting time it is!

Spring 2

Wriggle and Crawl

The children need to grab their coats and pooters for the Imaginative Learning Project! They are going on a mini beast hunt! They will be sweeping their nets in puddles and ponds and lifting up logs to see who's home. 

They will set up their very own mini-beast laboratory and observe their every move. They will add notes and labels ready to ask their own research questions - just like real entomologists! The children will be learning all about bees and butterflies. They will make food chains to show who eats who. The children will be carrying out investigations to find out even more like how far a snail travels in a day and how a spider catches it's prey. 

Morning of Music

Year Two went to Clifford Bridge School on Friday March 24th to take part in the Morning of music. They joined other children form Clifford Bridge, Ravensdale and sacred Heart. The children all looked great dressed in their costumes; aliens and astronauts met characters from Star Trek and Star Wars. The children - and teachers - sang, played instruments and danced the morning away. They all had a great time and were an absolute credit to the school. Well done Year Two!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10

Red Nose Day

The whole school took part in Red Nose day on March 24th. The children and staff came dressed in funky, funny and red clothes for the day. We all had a great time telling jokes and raised money for a good cause. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

World book Day

The school celebrated World book Day in March, where the children and staff dressed up as their favourite book characters. Richard Lee was  transformed into a world full of Harry Potter, Wally, The Gruffalo and Sleeping Beauty. The children listened to wonderful stories, shared their favourite tales and met new and exciting characters from around the world. Teachers in Year Two also shared 'The Day the Crayons Quit'! 

Picture 1 The children looked fantastic in their costumes.
Picture 2 They dressed up as their favourite characters.
Picture 3 The children shared their favourite stories.
Picture 4 Looking good!
Picture 5 The Day the Crayons Quit.

Spring 1 2017

Land Ahoy

Google day.

Today Google expeditions came into school to show off their new educational app 'Expeditions'. By using virtual reality technology, pupils were transported to various places around the world including :underwater reefs; the Galapogas Islands and even some volcanoes! All of this through a simple free app from the App Store and the Play Store.

Year two had a fantastic time learning all about life under the sea, looking at ship wrecks, sea creatures and coral reefs. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Land Ahoy!


A member of the RNLI came in to school to talk to Year Two about water safety and the work the RNLI do every day. The children learnt all about life boats, dressed up in water proof clothing and thought about how to stay safe near and in the water. They had a great morning. You can learn even more form the RNLI website. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7

Yo Ho Ho me hearties! It's a sailor's life for me!

The children will be sailing the salty seas, navigating, exploring and investigating the world - just like Captain Cook.

They will be making boats, sinking ships and  flying the pirate's flag. The children might learn to talk like a pirate, write like a poet, then weigh and measure a pirate's booty!

How do rescues happen at sea? The children will find out about brave volunteers and young Miss Darling, rowing her boat across stormy seas. 

They will be singing sea shanties, and searching for hidden treasure. 

They all need to keep ready to meet pirates on their learning journey!

Launch day.

Picture 1 Ahoy me hearties!
Picture 2 Launch day!
Picture 3 Looking great as pirates.
Picture 4 Teacher pirates

Flotsam Day.

Students from Warwick University came in to work with year two. They based science, art and maths work on the book 'Flotsam.' The children had a great time learning lots of new skills. 
Picture 1 Drama being sea creatures.
Picture 2 Pretending to be an octopus.
Picture 3 Can you make a star fish.message in a bottle.
Picture 4 Listening to the book 'Flotsam.'
Picture 5 Message in a bottle.
Picture 6 Sketching shells.
Picture 7 Will it float or sink.
Picture 8 Investigating different materials.

Autumn 2

Muck, Mess and Mixture. 


Children in Need

The whole school took part in a special assembly on Friday. They all came in spotty clothes to raise money for Children in Need. 

They also thought about what it means to be a great friend. Each child wrote a special message of friendship on a strip of paper; these were all then joined together to form a whole school paper chain. 

Picture 1 Children in Need assembly.
Picture 2 Thinking about being a great friend.
Picture 3 All dressed up for the day.

Launch Day. 

Picture 1 Leaf rubbing using wax crayons.
Picture 2 Leaf printing using paint.
Picture 3 Ready to get started.....
Picture 4 Making clay thumb pots.
Picture 5 Squishy jelly!
Picture 6 How does this clay feel?
Picture 1 Splatter painting.
Picture 2 Shaving foam investigation.
Picture 3 Wobbly jelly.
Picture 4 Clay.
Picture 5 Wallpaper paste.
Picture 6 What does cornflour mixed with water feel like?
Picture 7 Collecting descriptive words.

Autumn 1 2016

Street detectives


Year Two have been mixing colours to create autumnal shades. They used these to paint in the style of Paul Klee. 

Picture 1 Mixing autumn colours.
Picture 2 Fantastic concentration.
Year Two started their new Learning Project, 'Street Detectives', by going for a walk round the local area. Their challenge was to spot all the man made and natural features in a set of photographs. 
Picture 1 Lining up ready to go!
Picture 2 High viz jackets on...
Picture 3 partners ready....
Picture 4 off we go!!
Picture 5 Walking very sensibly down the road.
Picture 6 Great detective skills.
Picture 7 What can we see?
Picture 8 Can we identify all the photographs?
Picture 9

Summer 2

Rio week


The whole school will be celebrating the Rio Olympics this week. They will be baking, competing in various Olympic games and sports, completing maths and English themed challenges and celebrating in style with a mini carnival. The week started off with the whole school beginning to learn a salsa dance. The children have already started their sponsored walk to raise money for a climbing wall and netball posts.

Making Olympic medals

Picture 1 Designing our medals
Picture 2 Making circles of clay.
Picture 3 Scratching the design in the clay
Picture 4 Adding lots of detail.
Picture 5 Drawing swimmers and cyclists.
Picture 6 The finished product.

Rio week, making flags ready for the carnival.

Rio week, making flags ready for the carnival.  1 Making a flag for the Czech Republic.

Warwick Castle

Year Two started their new learning project, Towers, Tunnels and Turrets, by visiting Warwick Castle. They watched a trebuchet being fired form across the river. They saw the birds of prey in flight and had a lovely picnic whilst they sat and watched. Then they went in 'The Kingmaker' and looked at scenes showing how people used to live in Medieval times. We all got very lost in the Horrible Histories Maze solving the clues to find our way out. We all got soaked in the rain storms but still enjoyed lunch in the sunshine. 

Picture 1 Watching the trebuchet.
Picture 2 Great archery!
Picture 3 Beautiful peacocks at the castle.
Picture 4 State rooms.
Picture 5 Amazing rooms!
Picture 6 Fabulous furniture.
Year Two started their new topic with a mini beast hunt in the spinney at the back of the school. They looked like real entomologists with their clip boards, magnifying glasses and pooters. 
Picture 1 Looking carefully.
Picture 2 Keeping records.
Picture 3 What's in this tree?
Picture 4 What's on the ground?
Picture 5 Working together.
Picture 6 What's down here?
Picture 1 We went on a mini beast hunt.
Picture 2 We went in the spinney.
Picture 3 What's in here?
Picture 4 What an adventure!
Picture 5 Lots on exploring.
Picture 6 What could be under here?
Picture 7 Investigating.
Picture 8 Keep looking.
Picture 9 What's in the trees and bushes?

Spring 2    

 Imaginative Learning Project: The Scented Garden.

During this learning project, the children will be learning all about plants and habitats.

Picture 1 What do plants need to grow?
Picture 2 We have been finding out.
Picture 3 Do they need water or air?
Picture 4 Do they need soil or heat?
Picture 1 We went for a walk round the school grounds.
Picture 2 We spotted different plants and flowers.

World Book Day

On Friday March 4th it was World Book Day. The children - and teachers - all came in to school dressed as their favourite book characters. Harry Potter, Gangster Granny and Belle all made guest appearances for the day. The children all had a great day thinking about all the different books they have read and how the authors make the characters come to life in their descriptions.  
Picture 1
Picture 2

Morning of Music

On Tuesday March 8th 2016 Year Two all took part in the Morning of Music. The children walked down to St. Gregory's and spent the morning singing and dancing with ninety other children. There was a lot of laughter, great dance moves and fantastic singing. On Wednesday the children shared their performance with their parents at school. Enjoy the slide show of the morning. 
Picture 1 Warming up!
Picture 2 Percussion instruments ready.
Picture 3 Watching St Gregory's party piece.
Picture 4 Ready to sing the next song.
Picture 5 Great actions!
Picture 6 Learning new actions from the other children.
Picture 7 Great dance moves!
Picture 8 Super dancing!
Picture 9 Teachers joining in with the dancing!
Picture 10 Ready.....
Picture 11 180 children all singing together.
Picture 12 We love our hats we made.
Picture 13 Cool moves!
Picture 14 Our party piece dance.
Picture 15 Percussionists in action.
Picture 16 Clifford Bridge party piece.
Picture 17 Great listening.
Picture 18 Time for a rest.
Picture 19 A morning full of good friends.

Spring 1

Imaginative Learning Project: Land Ahoy!

During this project, the children will be learning about pirates, map reading and famous explorers.

Avast me hearties - it's a sailor's life for me!

RNLI visit

Picture 1 Land ahoy!
Picture 2 Getting ready for action
Picture 3 Ready to help!
Picture 4 Looking great
Picture 1 Pirates all ready to sail.
Picture 2 A mighty band of pirates.
Picture 3 Teachers all ready to do battle.


Some of the children in Year Two took part in a gymnastics competition. They competed against nine other schools. They did an amazing job and did really well in the competition. 
Picture 1 Our fantastic team!

Autumn 2

Imaginative Learning Project: Muck, Mess and Mixtures

During this learning project, the children in Year 2 will be learning about materials and producing art work using a range of media.

Picture 1 Year Two in the hall ready for a day of art.
Picture 2 What does shaving foam smell like?
Picture 3 How does it feel?
Picture 4 Papier Mache next.
Picture 5 Using adjectives to describe washing up liquid.
Picture 6 Great partner talk.
Picture 7 Finger painting to make a class picture.
Picture 8 Excellent concentration.
Picture 9 Super partner work.
The children had a great time using many different materials to create pieces of art. 

Autumn 1

Imaginative Learning Project: Street Detectives

During this project the children learn all about the local area and improve their geography skills.

Picture 1 Learning all about street signs.
Picture 2 Practicing compass directions.
Picture 3 Sorting odd and even numbers.
Picture 4 Programming Bee Bots.
The children have been on a walk round our local area. They looked at street signs, odd and even house numbers, and thought about compass directions. 
The children have been learning how to programme a bee bot round a floor map.
The children have all designed their own amphibious vehicles. They have covered boxes in paper and cut doweling to size with a junior hack saw. 
Picture 1 Learning to use a junior hack saw.
Picture 2 Boxes covered and ready to paint.
Picture 3 Painting the base colour.
Picture 4 Helping each other.
Picture 5 So proud of my work!
Picture 6 A helping hand.
Picture 7 Great choice of base coat.
Picture 8 We went for a different colour.....
Picture 9 So did we!

Year 2 Photo Gallery

Learning Experiences 2014 - 2015

Picture 1 A dragon lurking in the Y2 corridor!
Picture 2 Our very own stain glass window
Picture 3 The children are very proud of their books
Picture 4 We met an archer
Picture 5 Relaxing on the river bank
Picture 6 Fun at Warwick Castle
Picture 7 Sketching at our local castle
Picture 8 Caludon Castle Park
Picture 9 History on our doorstep
Picture 1 A Gruesome Band of Pirates!
Picture 2 Pirate Passports
Picture 3 We are ready to set sail!
Picture 4 Our 2D Shape Pirate Hats
Picture 5 We made our own lighthouses

We started our project by exploring materials

We started our project by exploring materials 1
We started our project by exploring materials 2
We started our project by exploring materials 3
We started our project by exploring materials 4
We started our project by exploring materials 5
We started our project by exploring materials 6
We started our project by exploring materials 7
We started our project by exploring materials 8
We started our project by exploring materials 9
We started our project by exploring materials 10
We started our project by exploring materials 11
We started our project by exploring materials 12
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6